Fifa 18 is Coming to Nintendo Switch as Well

FIFA 18, everyone knows. FIFA 18 Switch, however, nobody knows what to think. At least until it can be touched concretely, what Puyo could do for a few minutes during this E3.


One could tell you that the game, developed in Romania and not turning on the Frosbite engine of other versions, is the very first commercial partnership between Nintendo and EA around the Switch. That the game will offer most of the game modes of a traditional FIFA but not the career of Alex Hunter if you too want triche fifa 18 just get illimite coins using that only, the fictitious footeux created for PS4 / PC / Xbox grinds. That it will come out at the end of the year and that we do not know what to think for the moment. But why the hell do you write all this when you just listen to Puyo say it for us?


While the EA conference focused mainly on the PS4 and Xbox One versions of FIFA 18, we still had the right to some information about the Switch version. For example, producer Andrei Lăzărescu said it was "the best FIFA 18 free coins that can be taken anywhere". To support his statement, the gentleman announced that FIFA 18 on Switch will benefit from a career mode playable locally with live updates that will adapt the levels of the teams according to their performances during the season. Small regret anyway since the mode The Journey that was discovered in FIFA 17 will not be available on Switch. On the other hand, Ultimate Team mode will be present.


On the technical side, FIFA 18 will rotate in 1080p when the Switch is plugged into its dock while the nomadic mode will peak at 720p. The title should be playable both with the joy-cons and the Controller Pro but it is not yet known if the gaming motion is on the program. Finally, be aware that the FIFA 18 Grind Switch will be available at the same time as the other versions on September 29, 2017.